Two Seen, One Unseeing (2016)

two-person live-art event & internet streamed video, variable materials; 2nd person: Francesco Gagliardi;

photos by Johannes Zits.



A work presented live and by two people. It uses (unrecorded) Internet-based video to stream the location of one artist into the location of another artist, including the audience. The video is not recorded. Rather, the video is streamed one-way, from an undisclosed location into the gallery where the other artist and audience are present. As the video is streamed one-way and once, the artist being streamed in by video cannot see either the other artist nor the audience.


The work engages locations – and dis-locations – shared between artist(s) and audience, engaging multiple spaces and two time-zones. Duration, coexistence, and sight are elements interrogated through light, shadow, bodily position, and impermanent mark-making.