Robert Luzar

NOW ...


Out of The Bush Garden  (Toronto venue TBA, Lucio Benetton Foundation, Toronto, CA, 2019)


Elsewhere is here: Anderswo ist hier (Turba Gallery, Hanover, DE, 2018)


In Who's Eyes (Group exhibition & performance with Martina Schmucker, Beaconsfield Gallery, London, UK, 2018)


Live (Group exhibition, Fringe Arts Bath, UK, 2018)


Zhuangzi & The Butterfly (Festival, Tel-Aviv University, Israel, 2018)


Squash and Stretch (Festival, LAPER (Live Art and Performance Art Group), Oxford, UK, 2018)


Walking, Resting, Place-Making (Victoria Stanton / McGill University, CA, 2018


Acts / Re-Acts (Wimbledon Space, London, UK, 2018)


Gesture, Trace & Performance (Herbert Read Gallery, UCA Canterbury, 2017)


Out of The Bush Garden  (Palazzo Loredan Venice, Lucio Benetton Foundation, IT, 2017)


Embodied Cartographies (live-art work, Fringe Arts Bath, May 2017)


Elastic (performance art festival, Oxford, May 2017)


DRAWinternational (researcher project, Caylus, FR, Mar. 2017)