Robert Luzar is an artist, writer and educator based in Bath (UK).


He engages one of the most basic approaches to art and common life: where and how an ongoing event takes form. He engages drawing, though unconventionally: not merely works on paper but, more in its complex approach, as a 'multiplicity'. This multiplicity he expresses openly, as through live-art performance, painting, installation, projection, video.


How to go on, to make, to radically think – and in completely different ways: this is at the heart of what some call an ‘event’. It echoes something anti-philosophical. It's where the so-called 'moment', the reception to and immediate making of the work, is complicated by complete absence – Of what? Throughout Luzar's works this resonates with ways of existing today. It is about a world where every part of life mixes with abstract economies, physical and cognitive labour, bodies and systems; and a world where ideas are profoundly problematic.


His works interrogate the logic of these contexts, and throughout such ways: a multiplicity of decisions, a shared bodily ‘point’, an ungrounded trace, seeing and being-seen, clear (vacuous) skies, emptied pages, ineluctable directions or 'pointing'. A strange humour in touching no-thing. The multiplicity of making something exceptional – other than what seems at first thought.


Viewers are given such works in as raw and paradoxical ways as when they first seemed to take form.


Robert Luzar is Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the Bath School of Art and Design, Bath Spa University (UK), and holds a PhD (through practice) from Central Saint Martins (UK). His works are exhibited internationally in venues such as: Palazzo Loredan Venice (IT), Torrance Art Museum (USA), DRAWinternational (FR), Katzmann Contemporary (CA), KCCC (LTU), Künstlerhaus Dortmund (DE), Nunnery Gallery (UK), and Talbot Rice Gallery (UK).